Future J-ISR

ISR activities are taking an increasing role in the execution of a wide range of critical missions, eg: Counter-intelligence and counter-terrorism, Maritime Domain Awareness, Space Defense, Security Communications in a Global Context. Maximizing the Information Superiority of the situation by J-ISR results not only in an operational advantage on the battlefield, but also in an advantage in all areas: air, land, sea, space, and, more recently, cyberspace. The experience of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and the increasingly tumultuous Asia-Pacific region has clearly shown the absolute necessity to make a leap forward in ISR technology.

The conference aimed to bring together experts from government and industry to activate within the CESMA a working group to assist in designing the new Italian roadmap post 2020.


  • Opening remarks:
    • Welcome (Gen. Walter Cretella Lombardo, IASD & Gen. Nazzareno Cardinali, CESMA) ( video )
    • Introduction to the workshop: Future J-ISR requirements in a dynamic and evolutive environment – Gustavo Scotti di Uccio, AOS ( video slides & speakers cv )
  • Keynote briefings:
    • The growth of knowledge and the operational benefits through the J-ISR: Vision of future needs and possible roadmap: (Gen B.A. Giuseppe Gimondo – SMD – Vice Capo VI Reparto C4I Systems And Transformation) ( video slides )
    • Possible development of situational awareness and interoperability in NATO in the post-2020 (Dr. Richard H. Wittstruck – US MOD – Chair NATO JCGISR) ( video slides )
    • Future J-ISR = “UNIFIED VISION” for “informational superiority” – (W.C.(R) RAF Rob Munday NATO NIAG SG177 Chairman) ( video slides)
    • Evolution Of Scenarios and Role Of New Smart-technologies – (Dr. Francesco Tosato: – CeSI) ( video speach)
  • The future of J-ISR: Sensors and Information
    • Future ISR Network Assets – (Dr. Andrea Lazzareschi Sergiusti – SELEX ES) ( video slides)
    • Cyber Protection In a Interconnected ISR environment (Ing Ennio Raschellà – SELEX ES) ( video slides )
    • Lessons Learned from Recent ESM Developments (Ing Daniela Pistoia – ELETTRONICA) ( video slides )
  • Big data
    • The Problem of Treatment of Images – (Ing Filippo Gemma, GM Spazio) ( video – slides ).
  • Future of Aerial Surveillance
    • Future Multi-INT Airborne ISR – (Mr. Charles Gulledge – Lockeed Martin IS&GS Defense) ( video slides )
    • An Opportunity for a New Operational ISR Concept: the Mediterranean – (Ing Antonio Maglione – Piaggio Aero Industries) ( video slides)
  • Closure & way ahead: Gen B.A. Giuseppe Gimondo, Nazzareno Cardinali & Gustavo Scotti di Uccio ( video )
  • Tips