Luciad: $4.5m from FAA ID/IQ for its aeronautical information management systems

Luciad specialized high performance visualization software for situational awareness applications, has been selected by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for high-end visualization and Geographic Information System (GIS) applications for its aeronautical information management systems. The five-year contract covers several programs for which the FAA has selected the Luciad technology to validate, distribute and visualize airport and aeronautical data as part of its overall drive to modernize and increase interoperability of FAA Aeronautical Information Management (AIM) systems.

The AIM Group has selected Luciad software to provide multiple high-end software components for analyzing and managing airport and airspace data for use in different operational systems. In addition to the Luciad COTS software licenses, the award also includes training and maintenance support. Both internal and external data providers and users stand to benefit from the new FAA core capabilities, such as provided within:

— The Special Activity Airspace (SAA) Program Manager which is to provide the FAA with a flexible solution for the dynamic management of its airspaces. Luciad’s geo-temporal software and its AIXM 5 expertise provide the technology to graphically model, visualize and manage even the most complex airspaces.
— The Central Altitude Reservation Facility (CARF) Program Manager, which coordinates military and civilian altitude reservations for operations within the NAS. The CARF upgrade will deliver an automated data exchange process between FAA and military systems such as the Military Airspace Data Entry (MADE) system.
— The Airports GIS (AGIS) Program Manager solution which will facilitate the management of airport data, including an electronic Airport Layout Plan (ALP) capability. The end-to-end process will allow the collection, validation, and central warehousing of airport data in a seamless digital stream, replacing paper ALP’s which are hard to share and manage centrally.

The use of the Luciad COTS components may also extend to other applications.

“This strategic contract award to our reseller, Mindbank Consulting Group LLC, results from the constructive relationship we developed over the years with the multiple stakeholders within the FAA, our contractors, and external users,” said Mike Freeman, Luciad Inc CEO. “The award confirms the leading position of Luciad’s aeronautical software technology, and our continued commitment to the industry.”

Work on some of the high-priority programs has already started. Specific items under this award will be identified via individual Delivery Orders.

Source : LUCIAD

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