New High Frequency Communications Capability Unveiled

SELEX Comms, a Finmeccanica company, has applied its expertise in high frequency (HF) communication to develop a new capability to meet the needs of today’s digital battlespace. MDH is independent of any large pre-configured infrastructures. It offers a high degree of functionality and reliability at low cost, providing safe data communications for short-range and long-range global requirements.

MDH adds e-mail and IP capabilities to traditional fixed-frequency HF voice radios, including systems benefiting from automatic link establishment (ALE). By simply connecting a laptop to an HF radio, MDH can bring advanced HF data communications to new and legacy naval and land systems.

Running on standard ruggedised PC platforms, the system meets, the HF data link protocol – STANAG 5066 – that provides reliable data communications over HF radio by responding automatically to changing channel conditions and adapting the data throughput accordingly.

MDH is straightforward to use, supports multiple data formats, provides broadcast and ARQ acknowledgement, is easy to enhance and provides exceptional performance with data rate change mechanism. If the HF channel conditions are poor and throughput is low, a data rate adaptation algorithm ensures information flow is adjusted to meet the capacity available. With ALE incorporated, the system can also react to conditions where data cannot get through by changing frequency until communication is possible and by increasing throughput as conditions improve.

SELEX Comms – DefPro

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