Indra Cybersecurity Capabilities

Indra is the only Spanish company that is capable of undertaking both aspects of security: cybersecurity (communication and information systems) and physical security (venue, border and air space security, etc.).

The company is capable of covering all the areas of cybersecurity: citizens operating via the Internet with administrations or companies, organisation and private companies, critical infrastructures for society, and lastly, the state’s organisation and operation.

Comprehensive Cybersecurity offering

Indra covers all the cybersecurity needs of businesses, institutions and citizens. The company offers a range of services that include initial consulting, the development of platforms and technologies, their operation and use, control and audits as well as staff training. Indra’s objective is to minimise the vulnerabilities of ICT systems and Industrial Control Systems, to protect the information of companies and organisations, and to ensure the continuity of the business or service.

The company addresses infrastructure protection, identity confirmation, information confidentiality, network operation guarantees and protection, as well as the implementation of security and risk management models. Its customers include some of the leading Spanish banks, administrations, security and defence forces, and companies that manage critical systems, among others.

Biometric identification

Indra has played a key role in implementing Spain’s electronic identification card and the company is currently working on the STORK programme, which is a project that will allow citizens from more than a dozen European countries to use their electronic identification beyond their borders. More than 30 million documents and identity cells carry Indra technology.

The company has also developed a quick border access system that has been tested at the Barajas and El Prat airports. The system automatically reads a passenger’s document or passport, verifies their authenticity and the individual’s identity through biometric recognition of each person’s face and fingerprint.


Indra offer a global vision of this new need that has become critical as society has increased its dependence on information and communication systems and face these new threats by implementing proactive security by using, among other, secure data encoding communication systems and their inhibitors to counteract third party communications or to prevent the activation of explosive artefacts.

The company is also active in police intervention training simulator, which is a system that places agents in a virtual setting where they must resolve situations using the same resources available to them in reality.

Source : Indra

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