GPS anti-jam capability for land systems

GPS jammers are readily available and capable of overpowering satellite signals, leaving your forces blind and vulnerable.

When signals from GPS satellites reach the Earth, they are at very low levels – well below the noise floor. The receiver can recover the signal, but it is vulnerable to interference or jamming since the power levels involved are often many orders of magnitude greater than the GPS signal.

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There are a number of ways to protect the GPS receiver against the high level jamming signals. One way is to use a multi-element antenna array. When used in conjunction with a suitable control unit, the antenna can adapt its pattern to selectively receive energy from the direction of the satellite and block unwanted interference or jamming signals.
The UK Ministry of Defence has recently awarded Raytheon UK a significant contract by for delivery of a new GPS Anti-Jam Antenna System under the UOR (Urgent Operational Requirement) procurement procedure.
The contract will see the deployment of the systems under a very short timescale, with final delivery of the capability expected to be completed six months from contract award.

Source : Raytheon Corporation, Cobrham, BAE Systems

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