Radar Systems Innovation

“Innovation in Radar Systems for Defense, Security and Electronic Warfare,” is the title of a workshop organized by the AFCEA Rome Chapter, aiming  “to continue – according to Lt. Gen. (r) Pietro Finocchio, chapter president, – the analysis of radar technology started one year ago during the Future Radar Technology conference.

Guest speakers professor Gianni Vernazza, CNIT director, Gen. Francesco Castataro, TeleDife director and Gen. Basilio Di Martino, Teledife deputy director, chaired the first session on surface systems with a keynote address titled “Radars and Future Perspectives.” Speakers were Prof. Gaspare Galati, University of Rome Tor Vergata, (“Noise Radar Technology Applications to Marine Surveillance.”),  Prof. Pierfrancesco Lombardo, Rome La Sapienza University, (Passive radar based on OFDM signals for air and surface traffic monitoring). Other speakers were Guido Arista, Elital, Alberto Bicci, IDS, Louis Nastro, Applanix Land Systems, and Paolo Coppola, INTECS.

Alfonso Farina, Selex ES, chaired the second session with a keynote about avionic radars. Speakers were Daniela Pistoia, Elettronica, (The net-centric electronic defense and the role of avionics), Prof. Marco Martorella, CNIT-RaSS Pisa University (Cognitive radar),  Prof. Andrea Massa, Trento University (Innovative Techniques for the Design of Irregular Antenna Systems for Radar Applications.). Other speakers: Massimo Comparini, Telespazio, Col. Silvio Cau, CTIS, Prof Silvana Dalle Piane, Genova University, Professor Andrea Monti Guarnieri, Milan Polytechnic, and Prof. Maurizio Migliaccio, Napoli Parthenope University.

The conference was concluded with a round table about the “Development of Radar Systems and the Effects on Electronic Warfare” coordinated by Giorgio Di Bernardo Nicolai, Air Press with Marco de Fazio, Selex ES; Massimo Comparini, Telespazio, Gen. Basilio Di Martino, ITAF, Andrea De Martino, Elettronica; Prof Tullio Bucciarelli, Rome University and Prof Marina Ruggieri, Rome University

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