Cyber security: what a decision maker should know

casdA new global approach to cybersecurity issues is therefore elicited that exceeds local views and faces the challenge of complex trans-boundary connections in order to contrast cybercrime economy and guarantee cybersecurity.

The paper presented at the international Seminar on Global Challenges, organized by the CASD (Centre of high studies of the Italian Ministry of Defense), [see the section “Best Sharing Docs”] recalls three problematic areas of conceptual reference in cybersecurity for institutional decision makers:

  • notions and definitions such as: cyber space, cybersecurity, cybercrime, cyber crime ware, etc.
  • the assumed shared knowledge: investigation/analysis, applications, defence, resilience
  • the shared strategies: public/private collaboration, national and international cybersecurity strategies.

The assumptions underlying these conceptual areas should be reconsidered from an external viewpoint that presses for a faster collaboration and concrete solutions at a global level.

To do this the contribution poses questions concerning the relation between cybersecurity and cybercrime, who the players/stakeholders are, what the implications, what the solutions.

By Elisabetta ZUANELLI

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