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  • 200305 – The European Aviation Artificial Intelligence High Level Group brought together representatives from the public and private sectors, including EU bodies, international aviation organisations and aviation industry representatives, (EUROCONTROL, la Commissione Europea, ACI-Europe, Airbus, ASD, ASD, CANSO, Heathrow Airport, Honeywell, IATA, IFATCA, IFATSEA, SESAR JU, Thales, oltre ai nostri partner militari EDA e NATO) to develop a roadmap and practical recommendations to accelerate the acceptance of AI in the aviation sector, and in particular for ATC operations with “The FLY AI Report – Demystifying and Accelerating AI in Aviation/ATM”.
    This report shows that AI is being trialled extensively, and increasingly introduced into service provision.
  • 200219 – “Artificial intelligence is developing rapidly. It will improve the efficiency and security through predictive techniques, increasing the safety of citizens. However, AI involves a range of potential risks, such as opaque decision-making mechanisms, discrimination, intrusions into our private lives or uses for criminal purposes. The EU Withe Paper on Artificial Intelligence describes the EU perception of the AI ecosystem considering  citizens,  for business development, and services of public interest

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