IAI MF- STAR Multi Function Surveillance & Threat Alert Radar delivered

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) delivered it’s first multi function surveillance and threat alert radar (MF- STAR) to a foreign customer.

The MF- STAR is an advanced all-weather, day/night radar capable of performing various missions simultaneously such as multiple target tracking and identification, defense munitions guidance, and more. It provides a 360° defense against a wide variety of airborne platforms and munitions.

The MF-STAR, developed by ELTA Systems Ltd. d an IAI group and subsidiary, is the first fully digital operational naval AESA (Active Electronically Scanned Array) in the world. Fiber optic cables replaced the waveguide and coax cables which substantially reduced its weight so it can be installed onboard small frigates or corvettes. MF-STAR can create multiple simultaneous beams in different directions. The technology of the radar array electronics is implemented in tiles laid in parallel to the array thus providing significantly reduced antenna weight.

Nissim Hadas, IAI Corporate Vice President and President of ELTA, said: “ELTA has a great reputation producing maritime radar systems for diverse applications. We supply our customers with high quality, cutting edge technology, so their needs are fully satisfied and the challenges they face in different arenas, are answered.”

Source : Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd.

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