ELSAG North America: Tactical Operation Center (TOC) Software and All-In-One Fixed Plate Hunter (AIO) at 2010 IACP Show

At the 117th Annual IACP (International Association of Chiefs of Police) Expo, ELSAG North America (www.elsag.com Finmeccanica Group) introduced two new crime-fighting and officer safety systems: the All-In-One (AIO) Fixed Plate Hunter-900 automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) System, (Mobile plate hunter 900) and
Tactical Operation Center (TOC) software.

ELSAG North America is the manufacturer of the highly efficient and effective, Mobile Plate Hunter-900™ Automatic Digital License Plate Recognition Systems. Mounted on a police cruiser or in fixed locations, the MPH-900™ is an all digital solution capable of reading 1,800 license plates per minute in any light or weather conditions at speeds up to 140 mph. The system uses Optical Character Recognition to translate digital images into data which is then cross-referenced with law enforcement databases instantly alerting an officer if a plate has an outstanding violation or is associated with criminal activity.

“These two new technologically advanced, best-in-class systems will further enhance the ability of police officers to safely and efficiently protect Americans and reduce crime,” said Mark Windover, President and CEO of ELSAG North America.

The Tactical Operation Center (TOC) software is used in conjunction with the ALPR system by alerting dispatchers and additional patrol units immediately when an MPH-900™ – patrolling police car alarm occurs, instantly allowing them to see what caused the alarm and see the location of the lead patrol car on a local area map. This improves officer safety as it helps provide timely back-up and allows dispatchers to send additional units as needed. The TOC is comprised of one or more TOC sources – patrol cars outfitted with ALPR cameras – and a TOC server, which forwards information to additional patrol vehicles and the dispatcher.

“The Tactical Operation Center is a great technological enhancement for our signature MPH-900™ system,” continued Mr. Windover, “and another example of our work to stay ahead of the curve with groundbreaking technology for our nation’s police officers.” ELSAG North America’s MPH-900™ system has been instrumental in the conviction of murderers, in the apprehension of sex offenders, recuperating unpaid taxes and recovering stolen vehicles. Currently deployed in all 50 U.S. States at over 1,000 agencies, the MPH-900™ is becoming the preferred LPR system to deploy.
The All-In-One (AIO) Fixed Plate Hunter-900 ALPR System is the latest in ELSAG’s development of fixed gated systems. The AIO combines the power of ELSAG’s fixed digital cameras with a hyper ‘ruggedized’ mini computer in a compact efficient system that can be set up anywhere and even deployed as a covert solution. The AIO System complements the FPH-900 family with has low power consumption, a Solid State 64 GB hard drive with 1.33 GHz Intel Atom Processor and 2 GB flash memory.
“Our product development team is constantly working on new and innovative ways to enhance the LPR systems to support the wide array of law enforcement missions we are asked to assist with,” commented Windover.
“It is truly gratifying when we can take these ideas and make them a commercially available product like the TOC and AIO. We’re proud to be releasing them at IACP.”

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