FlexNet SDR achieves 4 times data rate increase in field conditions

During recent testing in real conditions, Thales and Rockwell Collins FlexNet Software Defined Radios (SDRs) have achieved a 2 megabits per second data rate at a range of 35 kilometres. The data rate is four times greater than previously fielded for the FlexNet radios. This success confirms FlexNet position as the heart of the most advanced digital battlefield solutions.
This high bandwidth broadband connectivity is essential on the modern battlefield. Today’s Command, Control, Communication, Computing, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) applications are presenting ever increasing demand for higher data rates to exchange battlefield intelligence and situation awareness information. The continuous availability of data, images and video is essential to helpforces to take the best decision, even in the most critical situation. Seamless interoperability is the key word, enabling cooperative operations with allied forces over legacy and future networks.
FlexNet’s powerful networking capabilities, based on IP standard protocols, dramatically simplifies integrated applications such as BMS (Battlefield Management Systems) interworking with other IP data networks including long reach Satcom systems. This unique flexibility allows FlexNet to address various tactical communications architectures, including full mobility at the tactical edge, long distance point and multipoint deployment scenarios. The Software Defined architecture of FlexNet family ensures full interoperability with the large installed base of 150 000 Thales PR4G-F@stnet radios in 42 countries. The PR4G/F@stnet VHF waveform is the one of the most advanced EPM VHF waveform (Electronic Protective Measure) on the market. In addition to providing three high quality services simultaneously, voice, data and GPS position, it also includes a unique transverse communication capability allowing the radio to operate simultaneously on two independent radio channels.
Rockwell Collins and Thales have teamed to provide customers with FlexNet SDR communication systems that meet today’s operational requirements in support of real-time network-centric operations in a complex, multinational combat environment.
Source : Thales Group

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