Remote control and Robotization in Armed Forces

The results obtained by research and technology concerning the technical solutions for Defense needs have gradually allowed to replace direct human intervention with mechanical systems, computerized, cybernetic .

In this context, the remote control and “robotization”, over the last decade , reached really important application targets allowing the provision, in different sectors, and the realization of systems suitable to renovate the operating procedures, particularly in the light of a reduction of risk to own personal.

The more we will be able to proceed with development of systems able to replace a human presence in situations of risk, the more loss of life will be reduced.

In addition, the use of cybernetic control and management equipment may lead to a strong increase of the operational capacity of multiple weapon systems.

A Conference has been organized by the Studies Centre for Defense & Security (CESDIS) at the Centre of High Studies for Defense (CASD) in Rome.

The conference aimed to inform the participants on the current level of presence of robotic and remotely controlled systems at the Italian Armed Forces in the Land, Air and Naval contest, and prospects, in the short and medium term, the introduction of new systems.


  • Introduction an general overview – On. Luigi Ramponi – Giancarlo Grasso (video and presentation here)
  • Land Environment – Gen CA (r.) Alberto Zignani
    • Operational Requirements – Gen Ruggiero
    • Technical requirements – Gen CA Gianfranco Giglio
    • Industrial Aspects – Roberto Sgherri
    • PMI realizations – Silvio Rossignoli
  • Naval Environment – Adm (r.) Ennio Piantini
    • Remote piloted systems – CF Lorenzo Di Renzo
    • Naval Unmanned Systems – CF Alfio Forte
    • Industrial Aspects – Alessandro Franzoni
  • Air and Space Environment – Giancarlo Grasso
    • Operational requirements – Col Dario D’Ippolito
    • Technical requirements – T.Col Natale Di Rubo
    • Industrial Aspects – Fabrizio Boggiani
    • PMI realizations – Commander Emilio Biasin
    • Defense and Space – On. Marco Airaghi
    • Italian Industry in Space – Massimo Di Lazzaro
  • Concluding Remarks – Adm Luigi Binelli Mantelli

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