Mozambican and Italian navies to combat piracy together

The two Marine collaborate for the first time not only to combat maritime piracy and trafficking but also for the conduct of patrol, surveillance at sea and maritime defense of free trade in order to protect the interests of both States .

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The crew of the offshore patrol vessel Comandante “Borsini” of the Italian Navy, deployed in the African country, performs with the Mozambican Navy a program which provides theoretical and practical training aimed at the attainment of full autonomy for the control of maritime coasts and the contrast to the trafficking and illicit activities.

Safety at sea, seamanship, damage control and survival at sea, anti-pollution and first aid are some of the themes developed by both crews from the first navigation.

Italy has so far participated in ‘

  • Operation Atalanta with Bettica Ship, Ship Mistral, Borsini Ship, Ship Etna (with Admiral Gumiero as Force Commander – F Cdr), Ship LIBECCIO Zephyr Ship, Ship Hesperus, Ship Scirocco, ship San Giusto (with Rear Admiral Henry Credendino which F Cdr).
  • Operation Ocean Shield with Bersagliere Ship, Ship Scirocco, Ship LIBECCIO Ship Doria (with Rear Admiral Gualtiero Mattesi which FCr), Grecale Ship, Ship San Marco (with Admiral Antonio Natale which FCr).
  • Operation Ocean Shield with Ship Mimbelli integrated into the NATO Task Force 508.

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