180831 AOSBrief


“Airathon”: the first hackathon on the subject of logistics for the aeronautics sector

1806.1 – The ITAF Airathon represents not only a great opportunity to stimulate a broader reflection on the institutional interlocutors of the aerospace sector on complex issues related to logistics 4.0, but also promotes the knowledge of the cultural and technological revolution that is already underway.Continue reading →

Next-Gen Missile Warning System for Aircraft: $97.9M to BAE Systems & Leonardo DRS

1806.2 – The U.S. Army has awarded BAE Systems a contract to develop a next-generation missile warning system. The company developed its 2C-AWS system with Leonardo DRS…Continue reading →

Provide Operation and Sustainment of Live, Virtual and Constructive Training and Simulation Environments to US Army: $128M Contract to NCG

1807.1 – “We value the partnership we’ve built with the Army through MCTC over the years, and are excited to continue supporting them with innovative and transformative live, virtual and constructive solutions that help prepare our warfighters with immersive training,” said Cathie Gridley, vice president and general manager, advanced defense systems division, Northrop Grumman.Continue reading →

Pre-flight threat simulation equipment for multiple air platforms: post-design support contract to Leonardo

1803 – The equipment uses special RF-emitting ‘hoods’ and handheld devices to target the particular platform’s sensors and simulates threats using real radar energy whilst the aircraft is still grounded. By performing this preliminary check, the user gains increased confidence that the platform’s RF defensive systems are operationally effective before embarking on a mission.Continue reading →

NATO Industry Forum

Active Protection Systems for US Army: $193M to Leonardo DRS and RAFAEL to Provide TROPHY

1807.2 – TROPHY provides a high level of performance, safety, and life cycle affordability. The majority of TROPHY components are manufactured by the American Defense Industry and we are excited by the opportunity to increase manufacturing in the U.S., including for Israeli systems, as the U.S. acquires additional systems...Continue reading →

NATO Multinational Project: The first NATO NSPA Air-to-Ground Precision Guided Munitions

1808.1 – “This initiative seeks to address a problem that NATO first encountered during the Libya Operation. When some allies ran out of their stockpiles of munitions, they found it incredibly difficult to use those of other air forces,”Shared procurement will result in reduced costs and slimmer acquisition processes. Further cost reductions could be obtained through joint logistics and maintenance. …Continue reading →

Restructuring the Department of Defense Acquisition, Technology and Logistics Organization and Chief Management Officer Organization

1808.2 – A focus on acquisition sustainment will be achieved through activities such as life cycle sustainment planning, cross-Service procurement, software integration, and Industrial Base assessment and management. Sustainment will be provided through functions that include operational logistics, strategic mobility, war reserves, to name just a few.Continue reading →