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    • CCDCOE TEN RULES FOR CYBER SECURITY – by Eneken Tikk  – The response to cyber threats cuts across several areas of law. Ten rules can be formulated to focus debate on the quality and interpretation of existing frameworks and the need for new ones. This article was published in Survival | vol. 53 no. 3 | June-July 2011

    • EMERGING TRANSATLANTIC SECURITY DILEMMAS IN BORDER MANAGEMENT by Elizabeth Collett, Migration Policy Institute, June 2011, The sheer volume of global travel, which has risen exponentially since the 1960s, puts border management systems under constant pressure. Beyond that growth, border management systems have had to contend with additional risks associated with these movements. Mass-casualty terrorist attacks, rising illegal immigration, and human trafficking have exposed weaknesses in states’ ability to manage their borders effectively. This policy memo examines the infrastructure and policy developments – and challenges – that have occurred in recent years on both sides of the Atlantic, discussing the differing nature and prioritization of those policy challenges.

    • TRANSATLANTIC RELATIONS IN A MULTIPOLAR EUROPE. by Riccardo Alcaro, European Security and the Future of Transatlantic Relations, April 2011, pp. 15-39. For decades European security was at the core of the transatlantic relationship. During the first half of the 20th Century the traditional reluctance of the United States to get involved in the highly competitive European security system gave way to the recognition that it was in the country’s national interest to avoid the emergence of an hegemonic power in Europe. The US felt compelled to intervene with massive military, economic, and human resources in two epoch-making world wars resulting from the collapse of the precarious European balance of power.
  • Catastrophic event management – : In occasion of the nomination of Dr Agostino Miozzo as the Managing Director for Crisis Response and Operational Coordination in the European External Action Service (EEAS), AOS presents the recording of the interviews to Dr Scott Wels and Dr. Agostino Miozzo done at the 3rd HS Conference held in Washington with the sponsorship of The George Washington University and SELEX Sistemi Integrati, a Finmeccanica Company
  • NATO’s new Strategic Concept – : The new NATO Strategic Concept reconfirms the commitment to defend one another against attack as the bedrock of Euro-Atlantic security and will serve as the Alliance’s roadmap for the next ten years.
  • Close Air Support  – Light attack, a revitalized concept in the Air Force, addresses the need for an airplane that offers surveillance as well as strike capabilities and walks the line between remotely piloted aircraft and high-performance fighters.
  • LCS Focus – The Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) is the U.S. Navy’s newest surface combatant class. Optimized for shallow seas and operations within 100 miles of shore, but deployable across the ocean, LCS ships are a centerpiece of the USA’s new focus on littoral warfare
  • Information Sharing: The new intelligence capabilitySteve Coles, Head of Security Strategy at SELEX SI/VEGA, revisits the importance of information sharing for the UK in light of the failed Christmas Day airline bomb plot. According to President Obama, it was an information sharing and analysis breakdown that nearly allowed a terrorist to kill 290 people on 25 December 2009, in what would […]
  • What is the Purpose of the U.S. Foreign Terrorist Organizations List?The United States maintains a range of “terrorist lists,” of which the Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTO) list is one of the better known. But in two recent court cases, the U.S. government has offered arguments that raise questions about the purpose of the list.
  • EU Commission Regulation on Aviation SecurityEU lays down detailed measures for the implementation of the common basic standards on aviation security for safeguarding against acts of unlawful interferences and general measures supplementing the common basic standards …
  • Defending Against Drones: How our new favorite weapon in the war on terror could be turned against us.The unmanned spy plane that Lebanon’s Hizbullah sent buzzing over Israeli towns in 2005 was loud and weaponless, and carried only a rudimentary camera. But the surprise flight by a regional terror group still worried U.S. analysts, who saw it as a sign that the unmanned vehicles were falling into the wrong hands.
    Today that concern […]
  • Emergency Preparedness and Crisis Management: THE FIVE LESSONS “Emergency Preparedness and Crisis Management” is part of a series of Workshops titled “Share Best Practices across the Atlantic” organized by SELEX SI. The 3rd Workshop guest speaker, the Hon Michael Chertoff, former Secretary of the US DHS speaks about The Five Lessons learned. Download the document 091201 Chertoff here
  • The major international security challenges in 2010: Italy’s role and visionIntervention of: Franco Frattini, Italian Minister for Foreing Affairs :  “we face an “arch of instability” which stretches from the Horn of Africa and the Arabian peninsula to Central Asia. A challenge that poses serious threats to international security.
  • IT Coast Guard VADM Pollastrini: “Implementing Integrated Maritime Policy in the European UnionIn conjunction with Italian Embassy in Washington, SELEX Sistemi Integrati has organized an event in line with the recent declarations of DHS Secretary, Janet Napolitano, looking for an  “international approach to the security” recommending potential practical responses.